It’s like looking for a needle in a needle stack

That’s what it’s like to look for racist undertones in this music video.

Breaking down the unintended messages of this video:

Lee Hyori dances to impress white people.  Runs away from black people.

I’m not saying Lee Hyori hates black people, just that she probably locks her car doors when they walk by on the street.

Actually, Lee Hyori probably had no choice in this video whatsoever.  I assume Hannah Montana has more creative control in her work than Lee Hyori does.


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3 responses to “It’s like looking for a needle in a needle stack

  1. Bomb

    Well that’s strange that people react only now! At that time, I was already disturbed by this “racist” vision of black people

  2. I actually saw the video for the first time yesterday. It came out before I moved to Korea, and I have a tendency to avoid Lee Hyori videos. They are usually very long and the music isn’t that great.

    It’s tough to imagine anybody watching this without having an initial reaction to the stereotypes in this video.

  3. amber

    in the video i think the guy says “And I’m so damn hot they call me vampire”… aren’t vampires supposed to be cold because they’re dead. O.o

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