So this crazy Korean girl is stalking me

(brief edit: when I originally posted this article, I meant it as a joke and didn’t intend it to be an indictment on Korean girls whatsoever. However, I’ve received more feedback regarding this post than any other. The feedback is either A: I’m delusional or B: Korean girls are insane. I think both of these groups missed the point, which was no more than to relate an interesting series of events in my life. I briefly thought about removing this post, but I won’t because it’s part of the history of me. So I’ll just leave you with this: Some people are crazy, some people are not. This craziness has nothing to do with ethnicity and people from every walk of life can be weird…sometimes that can be a good thing. If you think that all people from a specific group are one way because one person acts that way, then you are an idiot, but then you probably didn’t even read this far. Have a nice day those of us who are literate enough to read the whole post.)

I was sitting outside a bar the other weekend when a girl came and sat next to me. At first neither of us recognized each other.

After a moment or so we both looked at each other.

“Cherry?” I said.

“Matt?” she replied.

Let’s forget for a moment that her name fits with the trend followed by many Korean girls I’ve met to name themselves after condiments. Honey, Soy, and Pepper are just a few I’ve run across.

I knew her because a friend of mine who was inside the bar casually dated her. At the moment he was trying to avoid her. I tried to make small talk, all the while trying to ditch her. My relative kindness was mistaken for attraction and next thing I know she is typing her number into my phone and calling it.  She promises to meet up later if I want.  I decide I’d rather have KFC and a 30 dollar cab ride by myself.  She might have stolen the wing piece, and Matthew love wingy.

Long story short, because I’m tired and this is all building up to something, she starts sending me text after text. I usually ignore them. Then Cherry texted me when Rachel was there. Deciding to have some fun, Rachel and one of her friends text her back on my phone.  Probably a bad decision.

In the end, somehow Cherry got my email address and today I got this email from her:

hi matthew how are you , how was your last night
i was sad cuz I didnt see your cute looks. you are t he most cute dancer
I m first time i have seen such cute dancing.
you sent me some text korean language . it s great you know korean speak.most foreigners dont know and dont try to know
because it s difficult.
can I see your dancing again? you are clever and have a art talent


How the hell she got my email? I have no clue. Apparently I’m an artist now and she has officially become a stalker.

Today she kept sending me texts. I usually immediately delete them, until I read this one:

I had nightmare ghost pressed me last night cuz you ignore me

I am just confused now.

I feel I must point out that while you could argue that Korean girls are crazy, I would argue that most girls in general are crazy.

This girl however is the first to seriously creep me out.  I really hope a nightmare ghost does not press me tonight.



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15 responses to “So this crazy Korean girl is stalking me

  1. Justin

    “I had nightmare ghost pressed me last night cuz you ignore me”

    haha that’s a good one! I feel your pain with this one… how do you let someone down without being rude? Well… sometimes it just takes being rude to get the point across

    Still, i think you’re handling it right… ignore her long enough and she’ll go away.

    but her nightmares probably wont haha

  2. Wow. I think she used to work at my school. Most Korean girls I’ve met and dealt with have been sane, smart, and great, but I also had a run-in with an emotional suckhole. (Sounds similar: show a little kindness, she decides she wants to have your babies; try to establish distance, she sends you 26 text messages a day, hoping to win you by attrition, if seduction fails.)

    Has she started projecting her issues onto you, telling you that you need to forgive your father, yet?

    Mine finally left me alone when I sent her a text message saying, “I’m worried about you because I think you might hurt yourself. I think a professional would be more qualified than I am to help you deal with your mixed-up emotions about your father”

    She answered, “Thanks Rob now I know you’re not my friend anymore. Thank you for your advice.” and somehow managed to convey sarcasm through a text message.

    I agree with Justin: ignore it for long enough and she’ll eventually (hopefully) find someone else to bother. Good attention and bad attention are one and the same in a case like this (in my experience).

    Good luck.

  3. naarah

    lol… that’s pretty funny. sadly, in Korea, this is not such an unreasonable way for a girl to act when she wants someone, which, in this case, unfortunately, would be you. good luck…

    i think ignoring her would be the best thing.

  4. Hahaha that “nightmare ghost pressed me last night” is AMAZING. CLASSIC. She blames an effect of exhaustion on you. I can’t stop laughing at that line.

    This reminds me of the story my Austrian friend told me about his on-again/off-again Korean girlfriend’s insane friend…

    This insane friend had an American boyfriend. They were about to break up, for one reason or another, and also because the American boyfriend was soon going back home. She barges into his apartment while he’s not home, smashes all the windows with a chair, burns his clothes and shoves them down the toilet, burns some documents on his desk, then proceeds to take a shit on his living room floor, leave it there, and walk out the front door, leaving it wide open.

    Apparently, the police couldn’t do anything. Seriously, once a Korean woman gets going, even the Law can’t get anywhere near her. The wrath of Korean women is frightening to behold; this is why we all fear Korean ajummas in some small niche in our hearts.

  5. KoreanoWaltz

    Wow, never knew the girls from my home country were THIS bad… *gets shot by the arrogant bulk of the population* I know that my older sister is crazy, but that’s because she’s cracked from the strain of studying too much.
    But don’t get me started on the girls in my school. Even though I’m never going to be a victim with MY looks, I still pity for the class prez… Scratch that, I pity for the good-looking majority of boys, though they seem to like the attention. Disgusting idiots, all of them.
    Since I’ve never been a victim, I don’t have any advice, but I mostly heard that if you ignore someone for long enough, they’ll give up. Of course, since this girl is crazy, she might never. But there’s always the inhumane, evil way of passing the curse onto someone who’s cuter/handsomer/more attractive. But there’s always the shining ray of hope that she’ll fall for another person and deem you…well, trash, last year material……*gets shot by Korean-haters*
    Make sure you lock all your doors and windows, though I won’t guarantee that she won’t go over-the-top and smash some windows, or just do it the shrewd old way and pick-lock or something…

  6. subi

    is this a white guy fetish shit, going for korean girls then cant handle it so you blame it on the korean chick for being crazy?

    u reflect ur own drama, u must’ve done something to have her like you this much, unless she’s really delusional but guys lead girls on and thinks thats not psychotic and immature?..
    and dont flatter yourself and get an ego boost out of some poor girl who was trying to communicate to you, im sure you gave her ur email or some shit when you were drunk.

    ignore it but you dont have to post her name, it think youre insensitive and missing a bit of sympathy.

  7. matt

    Hi Matt,
    My name is also Matthew. Did you meet Cherry in Australia – Sydney or Melbourne by any chance? I’m desparately trying to find a Korean girl I meet in Sydney who called herself Cherry. She was about 23 / 24, average build, long hair and said she lived in Melbourne at one stage. She wore a silver cross and another jewel around her neck and seemed fairly religious – she went to a Korean church in Sydney. If you think it may be her, please e-mail me

  8. JapaneseGirlsAreCrazyToo

    Lol at the comment above me!!
    Sounds like “Cherry?!” has a foreigner fetish, maybe even one directed at men named Matthew.
    Wow, well, I am sticking with an American gal if I can find one.

  9. Hatomi

    @ Matt looking for Cherry, not delusional Matt who thinks every Korean girl wants him, “cute dancer” omg that surely must be a subtle marriage proposal, that story is hilarious and bizarre at the same time. Anyway ,Matt looking for Cherry in Sydney or Melbourne, try, its the Korean Farcebook type thing.Also most Koreans that live in Sydney and go to church will say when meeting another Korean ” Hi iam Cherry , what church to do you go to….. do you know……?” Bad news is that are many K churches in Sydney, the big ones are Sae Soon, Open Door and Borromeo.Good luck.

  10. Entrepreneurial Life Seeker

    this is a good post!

  11. Tom

    Hhahaha i laughed my ass of i hope A nightmare ghost does not press me down ahahaj holy shit
    Goodluck buddy hahaha

  12. cherry blossom lol

    Haha..hilarious! such the real housewives of Korea

  13. she’s cute or not? that’s the point..ignore the other…

  14. Joseph

    Most of us white guys want to have “trophy girlfriends” whether Korean or Japanese,or Chinese. Mine is Japanese,and sometimes goes berserk when we have arguments. When she catch me looking at other more curvy,bigger ass girls, she goes bananas and turns around and pulls down her pants and asked “is this one not good enough” Joe? I have to flatter her saying “it’s sexy”,event hough is as “flat” as an ironing board.

  15. Korean women are extremely clingy and controlling be forewarned. Once you have sex with them they will latch on to your face like a giant squid and smother you to death if you don’t demand immediate distance after blowing your load all over their face.

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