I Live in a Sauna

Korea is in the midst of it’s rainy season.  Supposedly the rainy season comes right before the typhoon season…so I’ve been told.

Either way if I leave the 3 foot area of air that my fan provides I immediately end up sweating.  Sleeping is impossible.  Evidenced by the fact that it’s 5:15 in the morning here and I have yet to sleep one bit.

Nightmare ghosts attacking me in my sleep would be viewed as a reprieve tonight.



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2 responses to “I Live in a Sauna

  1. Dave

    If you’re going to try to sleep with the fan on, for God’s sake, make sure you leave a door open! What are you, crazy or something?

  2. Amy

    So, one thing that really helps when you’re sweating is to get a really really cold bath. I had to live in a dorm once w/o air and yeah… I’d soak myself (get that outer dead epidermal layer off) and also you know, get a bunch of the heat off your body. Just a tip. You didn’t get an apt w/ a/c?

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