North Korea shoots South Korean Tourist, demands apology.

Doesn’t this headline feel like it should be coming from

But this is real. North Korean soldiers did shoot a South Korean tourist and North Korea is asking for an apology from the South.

This, my friends, is what the laymen refer to as “Balls.”

This just a few months after North Korea threatened the South with an attack, then blamed South Korea for escalating tensions by simply responding that the South is prepared to defend itself.

Did I mention North Korea threatened the South in the first place because South Korea refused to send food aide in exchange for promises that North Korea never kept.

I maintain my stance that the world should simply ignore North Korea until they apologize and send us fruit baskets, but part of me admires their utter irrationality when dealing with the rest of the world.

If the world was a South Park cartoon,

Then North Korea is Cartman.



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3 responses to “North Korea shoots South Korean Tourist, demands apology.

  1. chunque

    Sounds like shooting your friend in the face, not telling anyone for several hours, and then making him apologize on national TV!

  2. Nate


    I love your rants and I believe you are a great writer, but you left some key information out of this for your readers. That woman was in North Korea visiting a tourist spot there. She was there for the thrill of being in a dangerous country. Then she decided to venture 3 kilometers into a forbidden military zone ignoring signs and fences. Then when a North Korean soldier shouted at her to halt, she took off running. I don’t think she should have been shot, but come on. They didn’t kill her for shits and giggles as your article implies. Peace and Love

  3. Nate,
    Agreed, I did leave out some important information. My intention was more to focus on North Korea’s audacity in doing this -which was extreme, but understandable given the countries closed off nature – and then asking for an official apology.

    I just can’t picture any other country shooting a foreigner, without hard evidence they were doing something illegal, and then demanding an apology from that foreigners country of origin.

    But I agree, the woman who was shot was pretty dumb to walk 3 kilometers into a forbidden military zone.

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