Looking Past Korea

The Looking Past Korea series is my final roundup of Korean culture.

It covers:

1: Superficial differences I find interesting

2: Differences I think are overrated by foreigners

3: Differences I think make Korea truly unique.

Below are the links to each one of the articles I wrote for this series.

Series Introduction

Superficial Differences:

#5: Music Video Commercials

#4: Cute Korean Girl Mystique

#3: I’m so sorry but I can’t sing the rest of the song

#2: Jessica Alba

#1: Korea is a goth kid

Overrated Differences:

Overrated Korean Culture

Important Differences:

#5: Living with Parents

#4: Lawsuits

#3: Honorifics

#2: Education

#1: Geographic Location

Series Wrap Up


2 responses to “Looking Past Korea

  1. hehe

    it seems like you’re american biased in the way you view korea. try being more open minded.

  2. when exactly in all of this wasn’t i being open minded…please let me know

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