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I’m not one for too much celebrity gossip and news and stuff

but these are just two things I didn’t feel like passing up.

First, Lee Hyori proves, once again, that the only thing geeky girls need to do to become super attractive is simply take off your glasses and not carry around books.

Also, the title of her new album is Hyorish. I spent 20 minutes trying to think of a comment that didn’t revolve around the name of the album sounding like the word “whore,” but I couldn’t

Then, Miss Korea, I know it’s typhoon season and all…but damn

Anyways, that’s all I got for today. For those of you who also check me out at instablogs expect a new post up tomorrow. Not that I have anything in particular I feel like posting there but it’s been a week since I’ve written for them and I feel like I should. Since, you know, they label me as an editor and all.

I think I want Lil’ Wayne to die.


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Superficiality Matters #2: Jessica Alba

(This post is part of the “Looking Past Korea” series which is a run down of all things I think are superficially important, culturally important, and things foreigners think are important but I think are pretty over rated. This is the 4th of 5 posts about Superficial things that stand out to me.)

Superficiality: Jessica Alba seems like the only American actress Koreans universally find attractive

Why it happens:

Aside from the obvious answer of “because she is attractive,” I think it has more to do with style than anything.

It goes back to the cute Korean girl syndrome that I mentioned in my last post. Despite stereotypes to the contrary Korean girls generally do not fall into the seductive Asian temptress mold. Jessica Alba seems to maintain a little girl cuteness in all of her movies that matches with the Korean ideal of how a girl should act.

Even when she plays a stripper in the blood drenched misogyny that is “Sin City,” she is juxtaposed against her childlike self, both literally and figuratively. You see her one instant grinding a pole in a cowboy outfit, and the next jumping off the stage to bear hug the police officer who saved her life. It’s an endearing quality that either you have or you don’t. This is opposed to someone like Angelina Jolie who fits into the seductress template.

What it says about Korea:

Korea has nothing if not a defined sense of beauty. Since most people are relatively thin, face takes on a new importance. Anybody with a large ass need not even try; Juvenile was never popular here. High nose, big eyes, thin/small face: these are what make a Korean girl stand out against the crowd. No wonder plastic surgery is so popular.

In the end, I think this ends up saying more about Jessica Alba than it does about Korea. I find it interesting none the less.

Koreans think Lucy Liu is hideous.

Visual Example:

Lee Hyori and Jessica Alba sell makeup in Korea. If you want to see the ideal in Korea beauty this is the commercial to see.

Added bonus, Jessica Alba’s Korean voice over.

Also, I thought I’d throw this video in where Lee Hyori decides she is fat and so she should consume nothing besides some black bean drink. I wonder what eating disorders are like in Korea?

I also like this commercial because I can pick out almost half of the words that they are saying.


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It’s like looking for a needle in a needle stack

That’s what it’s like to look for racist undertones in this music video.

Breaking down the unintended messages of this video:

Lee Hyori dances to impress white people.  Runs away from black people.

I’m not saying Lee Hyori hates black people, just that she probably locks her car doors when they walk by on the street.

Actually, Lee Hyori probably had no choice in this video whatsoever.  I assume Hannah Montana has more creative control in her work than Lee Hyori does.


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