I wish my grass was Korean, because then it would cut itself

Note: I really have no idea the statistics or popularity of self mutilation among Koreans. I imagine it’s relatively low.

But either way, Korea seems to have finally discovered Emo Music.

True, South Korea has been churning out incredibly sad love ballads and their videos since the Wondergirls were using children’s chopsticks, but this is the first time I’ve seen anything that I would classify as Emo. Maybe I’m wrong. I’m probably wrong. eh…

Also, you could argue that any music that is “emotional” could be considered Emo, but that’s like using a chainsaw when you’re only trying to slit your wrists enough to get attention from your parents. Like fake high noses and foreigners who only came to Korea to pick up Korean girls, I know Emo when I see it.

The music thus far has been tolerable. I only watch what Korean MTV spoon feeds me though, so my expertise is limited.

Anyways, here’s Nell – Walk along memories time (or some variation, it doesn’t translate perfectly)

And this song reminds me of Dido, kind of.

In case you were wondering, the original joke that I took the title from was “I wish my grass was EMO, because then it would cut itself.”



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2 responses to “I wish my grass was Korean, because then it would cut itself

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  2. EMO


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